10 Good Things – A Reflection

So my man Jon Orr tagged me as one of the next people to try this #10goodthings reflection in his post.   Love the idea, for a few reasons.  First, it makes me feel good to say out loud the good things that I’ve done… I think we all need a pat on the back once in a while, and thanks to Mr Orr, I’m about to give myself one.  Also, I love reading others, as they give me ideas…so steal away!

1. I gave myself a new course, MHF, and its going really well.  The students love the open-ended questions and challenging tasks.

2. I invited George Couros to our school, and we started the hashtag #CastleProud which has taken off with staff and students showing their pride in what the school does.

3. I’ve started blogging about my ideas… it really makes me flush out my thinking. In my blog, I’ve organized some 3 act tasks which I think are, and will continue to be hits…Tim Horton’s XXL coffee, and The Ferris Wheel…reimagined.

4. In one day, I met the 4 most influential people in my educational thought: Dan Meyer, Sugata Mitra, Jo Boaler, and Marian Small.

5. I taught an AQ course for Intermediate math…really sparked my love for math pedagogy again…I would rate this as my best experience for the year (professionally).

6. I’ve tried a lot of tech tools…and I’ll keep doing that.  I think my fave for the year is the entire GAFE (Google Apps for Education) platform…so many things that it can do.

7. My students and I have great rapport, still.  They entertain me, and I’m pretty sure I do the same for them.

8. I’ve shared my interest in creating a culture of Growth Mindset with many others around the school and the board…many staff said it was the best PD they’d been to.  I see that as really making a difference.

9.  I’ve remained zen in the face of stress.  Others in my school have asked “Do you guys meditate up the math office all the time?” with respect to how calm the department is, and I like to think that it has something to do with my leadership.

10. I got out to almost every football practice this season! Whoot! 4-3 record in our second year in existence! Go Dragons!

So…go ahead and pat yourself on the back and tell us…what are your 10 Good Things?


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