Quadratics Summary – Make a Website

So I had my students create a website to summarize their understanding of quadratics.  I was amazed at what they produced.  They used their own choice of platform, but most went with SMORE, Wix, Weebly or Google Sites. This is the rubric that I used:


My favourite part of this process was having students comment on each others work on an LMS.  They gave each other (for the most part) pointed feedback with great ideas on how to fix things.  Then I allowed them to resubmit after taking the suggestions into account.

Here are a few examples, you’ll be able to notice the difference between the students that really took the time to understand and appreciate the visual representations, vs the ones who just learned the rote and regurgitated the information.

Sample 1 – this student kept asking me about decomposition because he wanted a shortcut to trial and error for factoring trinomials… I wouldn’t tell him, so he learned it himself… quite well too

Sample 2 – this website is so well organized and the student did a great job including visuals that are easy to follow.  Actually did a great job teaching everything Quadratic… Take that purplemath.com!

Sample 3 – a simple site, but again went into great detail to explain all of the understanding that she’s gone through.  

So that was it… I mean, I can’t say that everyone did amazing work, but I have to say that I was impressed by most of the stuff submitted.  Just amazing what they picked up in class, and also how they went out of their way to fill in some of the gaps that they felt they had.  If you’ve done something similar, please share with me your rubric as I’m not too happy with this one… 🙂


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